About the Danforth

The Broadview Danforth BIA composed of 350+ shops, restaurants and services along Danforth Ave. from Broadview Ave. to Hampton Ave. and along Broadview Ave. north to Pretoria Ave., and south to Dearborne Ave. works to promote and provide an urban destination neighbourhood for delicious food, entertaining theatre, lively pubs, romantic cafés and distinctive shops and services.

Some of the current issues and initiatives the Danforth BIA is working include attracting greater business development, providing a safe and secure area in which to shop, entertain and conduct business and increasing the number of parking options for visitors.

The Broadview Danforth BIA works with the local councillors, the City and landlords to attract business development as it is key that our area respond to the diverse demographics of our collective customers who live and work in our BIA and use our businesses so that we don't become stagnant.

To respond to the needs of our members and local residents safety and security issues we work with the local Police departments (54 and 55 division) and the City of Toronto Right of Way management to ensure our busy thoroughfare for cars (some 30,000 drive through each day), bikes, subway commuters and pedestrians is well lit with minimal visual obstacles and quickly responsive to any area nuisances or disturbances.

We are also working on new parking options to expand our 100+ spots and with City Parking Enforcement to try to reduce the number of parking tickets issued on our major avenue.

These are exciting opportunities and challenges for our nine person volunteer Board but we believe they are key to providing a fresh and sustainable urban destination neighborhood with which to do business in.

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