RBC Royal Bank will be bringing two amazing olympic athletes to Thrill of The Grill this year: Jason Burnett, Silver Medalist, and Kevin Rempel, Bronze Medalist.

Jason Nicholas BurnettJason Nicholas Burnett (born December 16, 1986 in Toronto) is a Canadian trampoline gymnast from Etobicoke, Ontario. He is noted for having completed, in training, the world's most difficult trampoline routine with a degree of difficulty of 20.6 and holding the world record of 18.8 for a routine performed in a competition. He has placed first in the Canadian National Championships eight times in individual trampoline. In the 2008 Olympic Games he won a silver medal.

Jason Burnett (center) with the silver medal he won at the 2008 Summer Olympics

On June 12, 2010, at the Davos Trampoline World Cup he completed a routine with a degree of difficulty (DD or tariff) of 18.80 breaking his own World record of 18.0. He finished in 2nd place in the competition. He also holds the world record for a synchronised trampoline routine with his partner, Philip Barbaro, with a DD of 16.0. However as their marks for synchronisation and execution were very low, they only came in 7th place in the competition in Quebec City in 2007.

He has won the Canadian Senior Men's Trampoline Championship eight times, most recently in Ottawa in 2014.

He currently trains at Skyriders Trampoline Place in Richmond Hill alongside Karen Cockburn and Rosannagh MacLennan with trainer Dave Ross.

In the preliminary round of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Burnett finished in seventh place and qualified for the finals of the trampoline event after a very strong optional routine. In the finals, he won the silver medal in the event with the most difficult routine of the competition.

Before Burnett broke his fibula in 2010, he won 1st place for Men's Individual Trampoline at the Elite Canada competition in Airdrie, Alberta. At the Pacific Rim Championships, Burnett won 1st place in both Men's Individual Trampoline and Men's Synchronized Trampoline along with his partner, Charles Thibault. Moreover, Burnett took home 1st again at the Canadian Championships in Kamloops, British Columbia.

In 2011, Burnett won 1st place for Individual Trampoline at the Canada Cup in Airdrie, Alberta with a 17.8 DD. At the same competition, he also took home 2nd place for Synchronized Trampoline (again, with Charles Thibault as his partner).
In January 2012, at the 2012 Gymnastics Olympic Test Event, Burnett finished in 4th place which qualified Canada for a place in the Men's Trampoline event at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. He was later selected as the Olympic competitor following a series of qualifying competitions. At the Olympic Games he finished in 7th place.

In May 2014, Burnett won the Men's title in the Canadian National Championship in Ottawa.

Kevin RempelKevin Rempel tied for second in Canadian team scoring earning six assists in five games to help Canada to the bronze medal at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games.

Rempel has one of the most inspirational and compelling stories on the Canadian sledge hockey team. He always wanted to become a motocross professional. On July 1, 2006 at age 23 he achieved that dream. Two weeks later, he crashed his dirt bike during a freestyle jump and his injuries resulted in incomplete paraplegia. He was told by his doctors that he would never walk again, but a year later he proved them wrong.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with paraplegia before his accident. In 2002 Rempel’s father, Gerald Rempel, had an accident while hunting and broke his back. He struggled to live with his impairment and took his own life as a result in 2007, but Rempel has followed a different path to cope with his disability.

Sports, especially sledge hockey, have played a large role in that recovery. Rempel started playing in 2008 with the Niagara Thunderblades and led the team in scoring for the 2008-09 season. He joined the national team after the 2010 Paralympic Games.

Now he is a 2013 world champion and on track to play for Canada at the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Since his accident Rempel has begun motivational speaking, appearing at schools and convention centres to tell his story. He has a passion for public speaking, and once he retires from competition he plans to write a book about his experiences on and off the ice. 

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