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Faces/Places of the Danforth: Nicole & Nathan of @theauldspot

Nicole & Nathan took over ownership of The Auld Spot in May 2005. Nathan used to be a regular there and got to know the previous owner really well. Within a week of hearing that the owner was selling, he secured the funds to buy it off of him. At the time he was working as a waiter and in the middle of making a feature film that had run into some problems midway through. He had grown tired of serving and didn’t see the movie going where he had hoped. It was an impulsive buy, but they haven’t looked back in regret since.

The pub was originally opened in 1998 and was a traditional Scottish pub. Some of the old pictures on the walls remain, but Nicole & Nathan have made it their own and it evolved into a fusion of its old Scottish past with some Canadian/Ontario themes added. They still pay homage to its Scottish roots, such as having their annual Robbie Burns celebration like today’s 12th annual (19th in the history of the pub), but are real supporters of locally sourced products such as Ontario craft beers including their very own @sweetgrassbeer. They work with 100 Kilometre foods, source Ontario grass fed beef, as well as a lot of local distillers for their spirits.

They love the tight knit community that prevails here in #thedanforthbia . They’ve come to know the different generations of the families living here and appreciate that they can turn to their neighbors in time of need.

Apart from the pub and their craft beer they’ve also just opened a new restaurant in PEC called Sand & Pearl.


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