Tuesday, 24 March 2020 01:28

Financial Information from the City's BIA Office

Hi Folks,

I received some information from the City's BIA office .... you may already know some of what is included but I want to share just in case there is some new information that you don't have.  
Also, I have asked about the fact that the new BDC loan strategy will not be available to bars, restaurants and clubs.  I don't know why so I'm trying to find out.  Any info I get I will pass on to you.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) at midnight the Province has said that all non-essential businesses must close.  The Province will provide the list of what is non-essential tomorrow.  I have heard that the LCBO will be allowed to remain open and that restaurants providing take-out and delivery will be allowed to remain open and, of course, grocery and drug stores.  This needs to be verified however when the list is provided tomorrow.
Here is the info link from the City's BIA office and please take a look at the attached document. 

You can find more information about the wage subsidy program for business via the following link, which provides details about which businesses are eligible and how the subsidy can be applied:




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