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February at Energia Athletics

HUGE shoe sale - all 2013 models up to 30% off

The new models will be arriving shortly so this is the time when we have our biggest shoe sale of the year! Most models are changing, and the remaining stock is on sale at up to 30% off. Come in early for the best selection!


24-hr-Spin-a-thon-logo-2014 2

2nd annual 24 hr spin-a-thon for The Peer Project a HUGE success!

We hosted our 2nd Annual 24 hour charity Spin-a-thon benefitting The Peer Project on January 25th and we are happy to report that it was a HUGE success - even bigger than last yearWITH OVER $40,000 RAISED SO FAR GOING DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITY!

We want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to all participants and donors to this event. The Peer Project/ Youth Assisting Youth is a non-profit charitable organization that provides a peer mentoring service to improve life prospects for at-risk and newcomer children. The Peer Project matches children aged 6 - 15 with trained and dedicated Youth Volunteers aged 16 - 29 who act as positive role models. Since 1976 The Peer Project/YAY has helped more than 20,000 young people. 

We are still accepting donations until February 15th - in store or at the link below:


New classes starting soon

We have the following new classes starting soon:

  • NEW Virtual Ride Spinning with Dayna - Wednesdays at 7 pm - starts Feb 5th
  • Virtual Ride Spinning with Lynette - Saturdays at 8 am - running now!
  • NEW Yin Yoga with Chrissy -  Sundays at 12:30 pm  - starts Feb 9th

Partner yin yoga workshop with Lea & Jon Feb 16

partner yin yoga

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Lea & Jon will be presenting this 1.5 hour workshop where you will learn and practice assisting and holding your partner in Yin yoga poses. Partner yoga is lots of fun and participants can often feel a deeper and more satisfying stretch compared with going solo. We will repeat the pose series in the same class so both partners can experience assisting and stretching! Sunday February 16th from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. Limited to 6 couples - $40 per couple - makes a great Valentine's gift! REGISTER HERE (under the Series tab) 

Indian club workshops with Jon

indian club swinging          indian club swinging 2
Great for rehabbing shoulders, increasing upper body mobility and range of motion, relieving neck, shoulder & back pain and improving posture! Participants will learn the many different methods of swinging these 1 to 2 pound clubs in this one 75 minute session. Limited to only 6 participants. Sunday February 9, 2:00 - 3:15 pm OR Sunday February 23, 2:00 - 3:15 pm - $25 per person. REGISTER HERE (under the Series tab)

Intro to yoga 4 week series starts Feb 1st - free for members & monthly passholders


Learn the basics at a slower pace and in a relaxed environment.  Each week will build upon the previous week so that by week 4, you will have practiced sun salutations, several standing & seated yoga poses as well as yoga breathing (pranayama).  Suited for those with little or no yoga experience.  Space is limited to 12 participants so book early.  Saturdays from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm $55.00 plus HST. REGISTER HERE (under the Series tab)

KB sport snatch 8 week clinic starts Mar 1st

kettlebell snatch
The kettlebell snatch is a swinging lift of power and grace - snatching a kettlebell properly is one of the most satisfying feelings you can experience in kettlebell lifting! This 8 week series will teach the fundementals of this lift and prepare you for your first Kettlebell Sport competition. However, even if you don't plan on competing you are still welcome to participate and improve your technique! Jon, who is a certified IKSFA level II KB Sport Coach, has competed in the snatch achieving Rank 1, and has also trained with and learned from some of the best Russian and American coaches in the world. Lift mechanics, optimal breathing patterns and support drills will be covered in detail. Starts March 1st Limited to 12 participants Saturdays from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm $95.00 or $65 for members and monthly pass holders. REGISTER HERE (under the Series tab)

FREE running clinics in 2014 

We have big news regarding our 2014 running clinics - IN 2014 ALL RUNNING CLINICS ARE FREE FOR EVERYONE (Begin to Run Clinics are excluded - these are still $75).

That's right - they are ABSOLUTELY FREE!! We are asking participants to STILL SIGN UP for the clinic of your choice, as these will still be organized training sessions, including A CLINIC LEADER to lead the runs, a training plan to follow, and weekly email updates for all participants.

We want to help make this your best running year ever, so check out our clinic schedule and SIGN UP NOW.

2014 running clinic schedule - set your goals now 

We have the 2014 running clinic schedule up on our website now, so take a look and start planning your 2014 running goals. It's fun AND motivating to run with a group, and whether you are an experienced marathoner or would like to start running we have a clinic for you. What's more, in2014 all Energia Running Clinics (except Begin to Run) are FREE for EVERYONE!

winter running

2014 Running Clinic Schedule

FREE group runs every tuesday at 6:30 pm & saturday at 8:30 am

Did you know that you can run FOR FREE with the Energia crew? We leave the store everyTuesday at 6:30 pm and Saturday at 8:30 am. Distances vary depending on who shows up, but we always have a leader on hand who can introduce you to others who will likely be running a similar distance and/or pace.

It's so much more fun and motivating to run with others...especially in the colder and nastier weather. Come and check it out!

Dayna Pic 
nutritionist corner with Dayna Fradette

How To Cleanse Your Body With Food 

Do you feel lethargic, bloated or just repeatedly under the weather? Do you have a hard time losing weight or suffer from seasonal allergies? Are you ready to start feeling good again?

Signs your body could benefit from a whole food detox: fatigue, constipation, migraines, headaches, depression, anxiety, hormone imbalances, brain fog, infertility, mood swings, muscle or joint pain.

If this sounds familiar, then you could most likely benefit from a whole food cleanse. Juice cleanses are very popular for detoxification, but you can also achieve similar results with simple whole food, and it is much more sustainable especially for athletes. Nutrient-rich foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, and high quality animal protein contain vitamins and minerals that can help heal your gut, strengthen your immune system and increase your energy.

The best way to reduce toxins in your body is to avoid them in your diet. While toxic foods may not be harmful in moderation, they can cause distress in your gut and negatively impact your overall health when consumed in excess. Too much toxic food compounded over time can weaken your immune system and increase your risk for illness and inflammation.

Avoid or limit: Toxic foods (alcohol, caffeine, and high fructose corn syrup), inflammatory foods (sugar, gluten, and dairy), genetically modified foods (corn, soy, and canola oil) & fish that are high in mercury (tuna, swordfish, shark, Chilean sea bass and orange roughy). 

Alcohol – Excessive alcohol consumption can interfere with nutrient absorption. Alcohol also suppresses the immune system and the central nervous system. If you consume alcohol to relieve stress or boost your mood, consider snacking on pumpkin and sunflower seeds or choose a relaxing activity instead.

Caffeine - Caffeine is not inherently toxic, but many people rely on caffeine for energy or regular bowel movements. This kind of dependence is a sign that your body isn't functioning properly. Consider drinking decaffeinated coffee (without dairy or sugar of course!) or dandelion root tea.

Mercury – If your diet is high in fish containing mercury, consider limiting your intake or avoid them altogether. Instead choose fish that have lower mercury content (salmon, trout, sardines, haddock, and tilapia).

Sugar - Sugar can increase the risk of insulin resistance, suppress the immune system, and increase addictive food behaviors. Simply avoid sugar for 2 weeks to 1 month in order to decrease your cravings for sweet foods. If you still feel like something sweet, try a natural sweetener like stevia, real maple syrup or coconut.

Dairy – Dairy can contribute to inflammation, resulting in digestive issues such as bloating, gas, acne, constipation and diarrhea. There are so many tasty diary alternatives out there! (Unsweetened almond milk, hemp milk, and coconut).


Full schedule info at energia athletics

Jon & Lea

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(416) 406-6664 

The Sunflower Project

In celebration of BD Beats, BIA business member @cobsdanforth (156 Danforth Ave.) will be spearheading ‘The Sunflower Project’ , a fundraiser in support of a Ukrainian family’s recent resettlement in Toronto. Vibrant solar powered sunflowers (the official flower of Ukraine) will be available beginning at noon on June 4 with proceeds going directly to the family. A group of volunteer youth will be selling the sunflowers for a minimum donation of $20 each at the BIA CafeTO parkette located in the curb lane enclosure in front of COBS. The goal is to sell one hundred sunflowers by 3pm. For those unable to attend but wishing to make a donation, please click below


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